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 All of the jewellery designed by Anna Rivka, the founder and artistic director of the brand, are handmade by Parisian craftsmen chosen for their unique savoir-faire.

Welders,gilders, enamellers, silversmiths, metal hammersmiths, jewellers, lapidaries and setters lend their expertise to the service of the Maison towards the creation of each piece.

Some of them inherited an age-old technique. As with the metal hammersmith whose expertise dates back to 1828, or the gilder whose technical brilliance has been transmitted from father to son for over 150 years.

Anna Rivka jewellery are located at the heart of a delightful jewellery box of a setting located in Palais Royal in Paris, and continue to attract female icons from cinema, music, as well as women desiring timeless elegance.


Shop in Paris

27, rue de Richelieu  75001 Paris

01 40 26 06 99

Open tuesday till saturday   11pm - 7pm


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